The glass foam insulation

The insulation of the floor slab of foam glass

Since we wanted to avoid Styrofoam or XPS or Styrodur in our solid wood construction as much as possible, we came across glass foam during our research. Our architect, Karl Lepic, has told us several times about the advantages of this material and also about its use in his own house. Since we had to keep a permanent eye on our construction budget, we were not sure whether insulation made of the recycled glass-based material would really pay off.

During our search, we now came across a calculation that actually surprised Karl and also us. In fact, it was described there that strip foundation is not mandatory for glass foam insulation. The insulation layer must protrude only 1 meter above the base of the house and be strongly compacted, then it should not be a problem. The very optimistic calculation of only 40% of the XPS price did not sound comprehensible to us at first. In the end, however, it turned out that, contrary to expectations, the Scheutz construction company was able to offer us a better price for the ecological insulation than for the conventional strip foundation with a petroleum-based insulation material.

The piping for the sewage disposal and the pipes for the main electricity distribution have already been laid under the glass foam insulation.