Green roof studio

I wasn’t a fan of terrazzo until now.
– Author unknown

Minimalistic and all you need

Light wood, friendly colours and clear shapes are the cornerstones of the ideal Scandinavian design. And this special combination is no coincidence, as it ensures cosiness right from the start. The predominant use of natural materials guarantees a feeling of warmth and comfort, but also adds a certain charm.

These are the main reasons why we have chosen this style for the furnishing of our holiday apartment “Minimalist” – however, this name should not deceive. The clear forms of the Scandinavian influence guarantee timelessness and the functionality of the furnishings is in the foreground, yet all the furniture is made of high-quality materials and is also stylish.

It is the mix of simplicity and beauty that has inspired us from the beginning in the realization of this housing unit. The fact that the Nordic furnishing style always places renewable raw materials in the foreground coincides with our basic idea of the Balthasar Volcano. The best choice for those who prefer something discreet. Conserving resources and yet without sacrificing anything.


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