Garden Studio

Enthusiasm is the most beautiful word on earth.

– Christian Morgenstern


True to the motto “Whatever you like is allowed”, our Enthusiast holiday apartment is representative of a style that emphasises the unconventional.

Dismissed by a few laymen as “hippie chic”, it is precisely this look, in which imperfect is considered the new perfect, that has been experiencing a resurgence in interior design for some time. The balance between dully colorful and natural is the challenge we faced during the careful planning process.

Our “Bohemian Style” repertoire includes pared-down paintings, floral upholstery, handmade Moroccan tiles and a self-designed Indian Summer shower.

This unconstrained freedom in the combination of colours and accessories has given us the opportunity to develop an unusual, yet coherent room concept. The colours, which are rather unusual for a holiday accommodation in the Salzkammergut, are complemented with furniture and accessories made of natural materials. Here already the premises provide for a particularly colourful and varied holiday.


Ser, Ready, Go ...


The reception area at Balthasar Volcano is at ground level and accessible. This area includes the reception, the general lounge area and the show kitchen and WC.

The Enthusiast holiday apartment is equipped with an accessible wet area and an accessible Toilet.

The WCs are flared and equipped with angled support handles. The washbasins in the WCs and in the wet area are wheelchair accessible.


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