Room plan

Our 4 apartments/holiday apartments at Lake Wolfgangsee at a glance

Balthasar Volcano Übersicht

Eco Studios

Barrier-free, with the most beautiful view of the turquoise-blue Wolfgangsee, you move within the four walls to the garden terrace. The casual combination of natural colors, unconventional patterns and useful accessories brings bohemian style to life.

Immerse yourself in the old, enchanted Vienna: Viennese wickerwork, herringbone parquet, golden highlights and the bathtub with a view of the outside: an image that is subtly integrated into the room concept like a magnificent work of art - as inspiration for dreams.

Scandinavian design paired with coziness, the essentials for well-being and pleasing to the eye. You love the minimalist because it's so simply knit and surprises with little things like the chic terrazzo of conviction. What you find here has hand and foot, functionality and style.

On closer inspection, the cosmopolitan turns out to be a hub for beautiful and wondrous impressions from near and far. The dark floor grounds and at the same time, the guest, because of the almost daring combinations, remembers a little of the future: in the end, the cosmopolitan is a quiet place where worlds meet.