Wood construction upper floor

The timber construction goes into the next round!

The big trucks are coming back – this time with the Palfinger PK 200002 from Bärli (on tour)

It goes into the next round! Holzbau Appesbacher is back again and this time they brought Bärli’s Taurus crane(on tour) with his Palfinger PK 200002 L SH. Bärli (Wolfgang Niederndorfer) is on the road all over Europe with his crane and, among other things, sets up and dismantles the Energy Station at the MotoGP with his 16-strong team.

Within a few days, the entire upper floor including the multi-layer roof is built. This consists of ecological cellulose insulation as well as a rear-ventilated roof construction and forms the prerequisite for extensive roof greening.

At the same time, the Berner company started with the flat roof construction above the ground floor.