Wood construction ground floor

The timber construction starts. The big trucks and the crane truck are coming.

It’s finally starting! As of today, our new building is set up. Early in the morning, the truck-mounted crane of the Taurus company is ready on the construction site to unload the prefabricated cross-laminated timber elements from the truck and then move them to the designated site.

From Appesbacher Holzbau, the numbered components are placed in their position on the mortar strip, supported and connected to the substrate with the metal brackets installed the day before.

Even now in the shell of the building, the homely atmosphere of solid wood construction can be felt. We chose a solid wood house with an exposed wood finish because the carbon footprint of this structure was very important to us. In addition, we also very much like the look of the wooden surfaces, which has been proven to have a positive effect on the living and working environment in a wooden house.

The house consists of about 300 trees from the Lungau region of Salzburg and binds about 425 tons of CO2. Compared to the CO2 emissions released by other building materials, we save many additional tons of CO2 emissions.